Area Senior Service Providers

Aging in Hartland To get in touch with our community nurses or for other services, use our Confidential AiH Referral Form or email us at

Other providers in the Hartland area:

Vermont 2-1-1 Senior Services Directory, Windsor Area Resources complete listing , Crisis Hotlines , Ottaquechee Region Resource Manual. A complete guide to health and social services in the Upper Valley/Ottaquechee area.

SASH: SASH serves older adults as well as people with special needs who receive Medicare support.

COVE (Community of Vermont Elders): COVE is a small but powerful advocacy and education organization serving the needs of older Vermonters since 1981. Area Churches Hartland First Congregational Church. The Reverend Amy Davin. 802-436-2224. Hartland Unitarian Universalist Church. The Reverend Paul Sawyer. 802-436-2592. North Hartland Community Church, 802-296-2413.

Senior Solutions (formerly Council on Aging of Southeastern Vermont). Provides information, referrals and services to people age 60+ and their family caregivers. All services may be accessed by calling the Senior HelpLine at 1-800-642-5119. Programs include meals on wheels; nutrition counseling; case management; help applying for benefits and services; long term care options counseling; Senior Companion friendly visitors; health insurance counseling; caregiver respite resources and more.

Dartmouth Hitchcock Aging Resource Center. Healthy aging resource center open weekdays and sponsors lectures, workshops, support groups. 603-653-3460.

Ottauquechee Health Foundation. Supports health aging with healthcare. 802-457-4188.
OHF Mission: The Ottauquechee Health Foundation improves the health and well-being of people in need who live in the towns we serve. We do this through financial assistance, community partnerships, education opportunities, and support of wellness initiatives.
OHF Good Neighbor Grants provide help to people who are having trouble paying for specific health services. These include medical and dental care, medical procedures, hearing aids, mental health, and more.
OHF Homecare Grants are available for community members requiring in-home caregiving services who are unable to pay for them. These grants are available short-term to keep community members safe in their homes as they recover from life events requiring additional assistance.
Community Health Team.

Community Health Team, 802-457-5414  The goal of the Community Health Team is to improve the health and quality of life for individuals and families in the Ottauquechee and Windsor region. They do this by addressing barriers to care, linking people to needed resources and advocating for necessary supports.

The Thompson Senior Center, Vetted list of caregivers, 802-457-3277

Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA). Community based anti-poverty programs. Westminster, VT. 802-722-4575.

Volunteers In Action. Windsor Office, 802-674-5971. Individual support services including transportation, Meals on Wheels, companionship. household chores, etc. VNH (Visiting Nurses and Hospice), 888-300-8853

Windsor Connections Resource Center. Family Services. 802-674-2900.

Granite State United Way. Call 211, a simple number to personal information about health and social services available in the Upper Valley including health, finance, and housing support.

Turning Point Recovery Center, Recovery services for all ages .

Food Security

3SquaresVT in a Snap! An easier way for older & disabled Vermonters to access Vermont food benefits.

Meals on Wheels. For information and to register, contact Senior Solutions at their office at 802-885-2669.

Hartland Food Shelf located at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Hartland Four Corners.

Enjoy healthy, fresh food at no cost or financial threshold.

Offering fresh produce, bread, dairy, and non-perishables.

Online at

Thursday evenings 4 – 6:30 pm and Friday mornings, 8-9:30 am with full breakfast at 8 am. Open to all and accepting food donations as well. 802-356-9381 .

Veggie Van Go: Free fresh and healthy foods at local sites once/month. Find it in either Windsor or Woodstock. Available free to all Vermonters. Food provided by Vermont Food Bank.

Special Farmers Market Program: Updated info will be available as we get it.

Woodstock Food Shelf. Open Monday: 4 pm to 6 pm, Wednesday: 1 pm to 3 pm, Saturday: 10 am to noon. (802) 457-1185

Windsor Food Shelf, Trinity Evangelical Church, Windsor, 802 674-6781.

Bugbee Senior Center. White River Junction. Weekday lunch at noon. Suggested donation of $4.00. 802-295-9068.

Thompson Senior Center. Woodstock. Weekday lunch at noon. Suggested donation of $4.00. 802-457-3277.

Historic Homes of Runnemede, Stoughton House. 46 Main Street, Windsor. Lunch 7 days a week at 12:30 pm. No reservations and take-out available. Wheelchair accessible. Suggested donations $3.00 on weekdays and $5.00 on weekends. 802-674-6733.

Exit Ate, 202 Route 131, Ascutney. Senior Lunch on third Wednesday of the month. Reservations required. Wheelchair accessible. Suggested donation $4.00 802-674-5971.


Located in Windsor, Vermont, Volunteers in Action brings together local volunteers to assist neighbors in need of a “helping hand” including frail elders. Services include transportation to medical appointments, shopping, hairdressing.

For more information, contact their office at 802-674-5971.


Aging in Hartland hosts Senior Café, on the first Friday of every month at the Hartland Public Library from 10 – 11 am. Senior Café is an accessible and hospitable space for senior Hartland residents to gather with a mission to foster community, connection, and wellness.

Aging in Hartland can provide friends and neighbors to spend time with homebound seniors or those wanting some social time with others. Please call the Aging in Hartland office at 802-674-4118 and someone will return your call. Volunteers will be notified and a volunteer will get back to you with the name of a local Hartland resident who can come to your home or the home of someone you know.

Exercise Class

Aging in Hartland sponsors a virtual Bone Builders Exercise Class on TUE and THU morning, 9-10:15 am. The exercises are specifically geared to seniors and modeled after an exercise program developed at Tufts University. The program focuses on increasing strength, range of motion, and balance. These exercises also help individuals maintain and increase bone mass. Therefore, they can delay the onset and/or progression of osteoporosis, or porous bone disease, in which bones become fragile and more easily broken. The classes are led by Hylene DeVoyd and Muriel Farrington and are Zoom-hosted by AiH volunteer, Sarah Bruce. There is no charge for these AiH classes.

Newcomers are welcome and encouraged to give this a try. If you want to exercise more frequently and are not motivated to do it by yourself on a regular basis, you are very likely to find it is so much easier when you are with (even electronically with) a group of friends. Consider watching a class or two to see if this is something you would enjoy. We already know you will benefit as long as you stick with it 😉. If you are interested in joining, we will set up a one-on-one session (on Zoom or possibly in person) to go over the exercises with you.

If you are not sure how to connect to a Zoom online meeting, instructions are provided and help is available. Basically, you click on the Zoom link in the e-mail that Sarah sends out each MON. Zoom is a highly effective way to hold this exercise class. It saves travel time and money for gasoline and is exceptionally helpful in bad weather! Rain, snow, sleet, icy roads…. No problem. AiH’s Zoom BB Class will be there!

To get on the e-mail list and receive the weekly reminder message and link, e-mail the AiH office at

Because you will be doing these exercises in your own home rather than in an in-person class, it is essential that you understand that THIS CLASS IS AN AT-YOUR-OWN-RISK ACTIVITY. You are expected to have a method to call for help if needed, for instance if you fall. This can be another person in your house or a phone or medical alert/emergency button that is within arm’s reach while the class is in session. Additionally, you are expected to keep hydrated, do only as many exercises and repetitions as you are comfortable with (more will come with time if you want), and rest as needed.

Home Maintenance

Auto Service

Judd’s Automotive Service, Hartland, 802-674-6568 | Herschel’s Auto Service, Hartland, 802-436-2957 | Tony’s Used Autos, North Hartland, 802-295-2215 | Redline Motor Sports, 802-738-4672 | Jimmy Crowell, Four Corners, 802-384-9880

Home Repair

Cover Home Repair. Home repair projects (income sensitive services). White River Junction. Also used merchandise for sale. 802-296-7241


Jim Brooks, 802-436-5262 | Driscoll General Maintenance & electrical, 802-738-4140, | Chad Tridou, Hartland, 802-436-2500


Merriam Masonry, Lennie Merriam, 802-674-2947 | Dave Esty, Windsor, 802-356-7491

Plumbing and Heating

Green Mountain Plumbing and Heating, 24 Hr. Service, 802-457-1997 | Ottauquechee Plumbing & Heating, Woodstock, 802-457-1795 | Audsley | Plumbing and Heating, Woodstock, 802-457-2746 | Heat Pumps: Shawn Newcity, 802 436-1583

Painting ( Interior & Exterior)

Wenz Painting Co., Kurt Wenz, 802-436-6008 | Mark Platner, 802-234-5986, PO Box 271, Barnard VT 05031

Lawn Maintenance/Fall cleanup

Sauer Lawncare, Justin Sauer, 802-356-5198 | Tim Pierce, 802-436-3008 | JWM Lawn Care, b.j.mattson, Hartland, 802-291-2286


KMS Frame to Finish, Tim Maxham, 802-291-6923 | M & J Builders, Mike Sauer, 802-296-1613 | Jim Brooks, 802-356-5262 | Justin Howard, Clay Hill Construction Co., 802-291-9230 | Jim Langhans, 802-291-3987

Tree Service

Scott Danyew, 802-436-1843 | Ted Knox Tree Service, 802-484-9780

Computer Training

Computer Training for Adults, Sandy Pariseau, 802-738-4747,

Brush Hog/Plowing

Nelson Bugbee, Hartland, 802-436-2517 | JWM Lawn Care, b.j.mattson, Hartland, 802-291-2286

Excavation Services

Garcia Excavating (VTES), 802-674-5055 | D&D Excavating, 802-291-1551 | Peeler Brothers, 802-356-1269

House Cleaning

Lone Wolf Cleaning, Amanda Jasinski, 802-356-7593 | Dawna Slarva,

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Technology Support

AiH volunteers offer technology support  on First Fridays, following Senior Cafe at the Hartland Public Library. Email for an appointment; tech support begins at 11:30 am.